Saturday, April 19, 2014

New for spring from Pink Zebra Home! Fresh new sprinkle scents!

New scents by Pink Zebra Home Fragrances! Just in time for spring. 
Mix and match to create your own specials soy sprinkle blends.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pink Zebra Rally Time! Be part of our Herd

Pink Zebra Home CT Rally Attendees April 2014
The Zebra Diva and Karen one of our teams managers!
More Pink Zebra Leaders and zebras in training!

Pink Zebra Home Fragrances hosted a
number of corporate rallies through out the US on April 12th.

The Zebra Diva, was the speaker at the
CT Pink Zebra Home Rally!

Look at all the fun we had! 

Be part of a fun, successful team!

Join our herd!!

Amazing New Sign on Offer from Pink Zebra!

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Pink Zebra has out done itself!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Join Pink Zebra in March Kits on Sale $74 PLUS welcome gift

Join Pink Zebra Home in March!

Be part of an award winning team with Pink Zebra! Join our successful group of Pink Zebra consultants. You will be in your business with yourself but never by yourself. 


Hi I am a Director for Pink Zebra Home Fragrances, and one of my biggest enjoyments of working with Pink Zebra is being able to build a team. There is nothing better than seeing your team members rising to the top. It gives me great pleasure to work with them on achieving their goals
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Last year our team came in 2nd for team promotions, second to MY top girl winning first in team promotions. I was also #1 in sponsoring which is team building. So if you are looking to work with professionals with experience, give me a call. Interview your potential sponsor and make sure you click with that person. Sometimes the best offer is not always the smartest offer.

Karen, Director, Pink Zebra Home
Consultant ID # 50250

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pink Zebra Home Fragances NEW spring summer line sure to please!

Check us out online. Online catalog available to flip through at

Join Pink Zebra in February NEW Spring Summer Kits In!

So you have been waiting to join us! Well NOW is the time. 

Our fabulous new spring/summer Pink Zebra kits have arrived!

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The new product lines are amazing!!!

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10 new fragrances
6 returning favorites
A total of 60 fragrances + monthly Paisley's Picks
5 new cartons
Simmering Lights
3 new Simmering Lights Bases with Liners
12 new shades + bimonthly host specials
Simmer Pots
4 new Decorative 2-Dish Simmer Pots
1 returning favorite Zebra Pattern Solid Simmer Pot


Join a winning team! You will be in business for yourself but not buy yourself. I want you to be successful!!!


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Director Pink Zebra Home

Soaps, Lotions & Diffusers
2 new soaps and 2 new lotions
7 new and 3 returning diffusers

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pink Zebra Candle Bar Cartons ON SALE! as seen on TLCs 4 Weddings

Place your carton order today and SAVE 15%

Pink Zebra Home Candle bar, soy sprinkles, glimmer candle kits, wicks including in our glimmer candle glassware All glassware fire tested for safety.TLCs 4 Weddings Candle Bar, make your own candle unique wedding favors. Make your own signature scent recipes for you special day. Each guest can remember your special day with a glimmer candle from Pink Zebra. Fun and easy to make.

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and order your supplies now. 

Questions? Give me a call at 877-466-8449