Thursday, May 8, 2014

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Our Amazing Pink Zebra Incentive Trip - Vacation Like a Rock Star!

Party Like a Rock Star! That's What Pink Zebra 2014 Trip Incentive Winners did last month in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Some of my Amazing Pink Zebra Team, and the owner of Pink Zebra Kelly Gaines having some fun in the sun!

Wow! Is all I can say!! What an amazing incentive trip Pink Zebra offered its top earners!!

I am so very proud to say that 13 of the 24 trip earners were from my team! The PINK DOLLAR DIVAS and DUDES.

This trip was an all expense paid vacation, airfare and all accommodations paid for, as well as the resort  ALL INCLUSIVE! That means we didn't pay for anything! Meals, drinks, activities, tips, room service all free!

As a Director for Pink Zebra, my fiance and I, also a zebra, got the star treatment. On arrival to the hotel we got whisked away with a VIP check in and a glass of champagne awaiting us! Our hotel room also had bottle of red wine our favorite with 2 glasses waiting for us, and oh did i mention the jacuzzi!

Our beautiful hotel room in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana.
Pink Zebra Trip Incentive 2014

The hotel was fantastic. Hard Rock hotel & casino Punta Cana offers 11 all- inclusive dining venues, including elegant a la carte themed restaurants, & 14 bars. 24-hour room service is available.Caffetto - Sometimes you need breakfast. Sometimes you need a cocktail. Sometimes you need a breakfast cocktail. Sometimes you need room service!!! We got it all!!! The hotel also gave us $500 in credit to spend at the gift shops!

Check out the beautiful expansive swimming pools with swim up bars!
Here are more photos of our trip! Would love for you all to join us on the next trip!! Sign up with Pink Zebra today and I can help you too earn the next trip! Our new trip incentive will be announced in July so stay tuned!
snorkeling in the caribbean, relaxing on the boat! Life is good!
Some of my teams top leaders!
Enjoying a private dinner on the beach! Pink Zebra Style.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

New for spring from Pink Zebra Home! Fresh new sprinkle scents!

New scents by Pink Zebra Home Fragrances! Just in time for spring. 
Mix and match to create your own specials soy sprinkle blends.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pink Zebra Rally Time! Be part of our Herd

Pink Zebra Home CT Rally Attendees April 2014
The Zebra Diva and Karen one of our teams managers!
More Pink Zebra Leaders and zebras in training!

Pink Zebra Home Fragrances hosted a
number of corporate rallies through out the US on April 12th.

The Zebra Diva, was the speaker at the
CT Pink Zebra Home Rally!

Look at all the fun we had! 

Be part of a fun, successful team!

Join our herd!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Last year our team came in 2nd for team promotions, second to MY top girl winning first in team promotions. I was also #1 in sponsoring which is team building. So if you are looking to work with professionals with experience, give me a call. Interview your potential sponsor and make sure you click with that person. Sometimes the best offer is not always the smartest offer.

Karen, Director, Pink Zebra Home
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